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Banks Sails delighted to announce a World Champion!

L'Irascible world champions with Banks Sails

L- Irascible, with a full Banks Sails inventory, is X-35 World Champion 2008.

Banks Sails 1st and 2nd in the Wayfarer National Circuit Series 2008.

Our congratulations to Roger Challis and Colin May on their success this year in a predominately windy series. Banks Sails Wayfarer- s proven designs, fast and durable.


Colin May using Banks Sails
Colin May

Roger Challiss using Banks Sails

Roger Challiss


Banks delighted to report another "excellent" spinnaker

Gareth Thomas, owner of J120 Jalfrezi, recently got in touch to pass on his thoughts on a recent Banks spinnaker:

Hi Daryl… I didn- t give you a report on the EXCELLENT Code 0… I am REALLY pleased.
Gareth received a Checkmate Code 0 spinnaker in June 2008.  Ordered in late May this sail was wholly designed and built in the UK to a very short delivery schedule (less than 3 weeks), enabling Gareth to leave his home port on time to make the start of this year- s grueling 2 Handed BMW Round Ireland yacht race 2008.


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