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Moondog wins Class 6 Overall JOG Offshore Series
|Laser 28 Moondog
Moondog image from an earlier race

Bob Coates came in with a repair and asked us to let you know he won the Contessa 26 race round the island, all thanks to our lovely sail !!

Channel Race success

Nick Jones' British First 47.7, Lisa was second overall. The father of three from Chichester explains how victory slipped away from them. "At the start, the north shore looked like it has more breeze and when we went through Hurst Narrows, we looked at the boats around us and we knew we had done well", explained Nick Jones. "The beat to Anvil Point was better than expected due to a good breeze. Downwind, we could pole back and sail straight at St Catherine's, which the bow sprit boats couldn't do and we felt we were really in with a good chance. Everything went really well until a few miles from the finish. The breeze started to fade but we were still doing nicely under Code Zero, until the wind completely left us. We were just half a mile from the finish, we parked up for 45 minutes and lost the overall win by 18 minutes, so it is pretty easy to do the maths. However, I don't expect any sympathy from my wife, Suzi, who has just given birth to Toby Alexander. Even though I haven't slept for 24 hours, I will be straight back to fatherly duties. It is a bit galling to lose out like that but it was a great race and excellent practice for the Fastnet, as Geo Ostergaard and the Danish sailors will be on board again for that. To be honest, I would rather that this happened in this race than the Fastnet, so maybe we will get better luck there."

Tim Levett Sailing The Sigma 38 Machismo 11 Was first Sigma 38 and 3rd class 4

Very pleased with the new sails

The owner of ‘A Day at the Races’ the red Nicholson 35 Classic yacht has recently sent us this stunning picture of her fully powered up with her new HydraNet Mainsail and 140% Genoa

MOCRA Nationals held during Plymouth Regatta 2015

Banks Sails on the 1st and 3rd place boats


As I sit at the nav station (AKA my play station), the guys on deck are still pushing it, tho as the breeze has headed we are on our magic multi purpose furling genoa, still we just topped out at 17.8kn so not exactly slow. This genoa has been a great asset on this race, we have used it as an upwind genoa (what it was made for), a jib top reacher (by raising its tack a metre), a wind seeker (by part furling), a VMG highwind runner (poled out), a higher wind runner (part rolled on pole), a spin staysail (half furled), and a heavy weather upwind jib (part furled). As it is a woven spectra cloth it is also pretty well bullet proof too! Another great sail from the team at Banks Sails UK! Not having 7 jibs and genoas lying around the boat is a massive bonus, and weight saving as they would all be pretty wet by now!

Scarlet were placed a 3rd in the transatlantic race using the magic multi purpose furling genoa supplied by Banks Sails

More MOCRA success for Banks Sails

Maurie A Richard Ward designed Seawind 1160 Catamaran wins Bridgedeck Catamarans by more than an hour on elapsed time – Fantastic result for Chris and his team Nick, Graham, Biddy and Jim.  This is the First time Chris has raced Mauri so all in all a Great day out on the water.

Nitric 11 Nigel Talbots Dash 750 – gets a brilliant 2nd place MOCRA Overall at 7.5m’s its one of the smallest boats in this class this too is a stunning result – Our congratulations to Nigel who sails with his sons a great family effort.

ISC Overall – Brian Haugh Sailing ‘Cherete’ a 1957 28 foot Buchanon East Anglian One Design, lovingly restored by Brian over the last couple of years in Birdham Pool by Foreshore Marine Services – a podium 3rd place finish missing 2nd by a mere 3 seconds and 1st in ISC Class 8.

IMPRESSIVE IMPALA 28's- Another Banks Sails winning combination

Well done to Sam Flint and Olly Love sailing 'Two Frank' who won the Impala 28 Offshore Nationals 2015 using One design sails from Banks.

JOG Offshore Group Race 8 Universal Safety Alderney Race June 12th  – Class 6 Peter and Andy Pickett continue to excel in this championship – A First class win and the Faem Trophy – an 85 mile beat to Alderney, 15 hours 13 minutes and they won by 27 seconds…

RORC De Guingad Bowl Starting Friday June 5th Nick Jones Sailing First 44-7 Lisa makes the following comments', as skipper of Lisa and winner of IRC One and third overall had good reason to finish the race quickly. "When you have Géry Trentesaux closing in from behind in a little boat and the Maxi Bristolian long disappeared over the horizon, you don't really expect to come third overall, so it was a bit of a surprise to get on the podium. Judging the tide across the channel was key, we have done it so many times before but you have to factor in the wind strength. We had about 12 knots at a 50 degree wind angle and we were confident that this was stable, but we hedged our bets a little earlier on. But hour by hour we changed our tactics and eventually put the bow down and went for it. As I say, a bit of a surprise to do so well overall but I personally had another incentive, my wife Suzie couldn't be with us as she is about to give birth to our first child but I have managed to make it home before the arrival".

Our Congratulations to Team Lisa – Nick, Glynn, Pete, Mary, Helen, Stash, Daryl, Carlos, Finbar, Stuart and Neil For a well sailed race and excellent result.

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Banks SailsFollowing excerpt from Nigel Edwards Sailing EOS – An Elan 34 we recently supplied a new mainsail to during some local pursuit racing out of Warsash Sailing Club on Thursday evenings.

Last week we had a problem with a jib halyard shackle 1 min before the start and it took us 2 mins to get the jib back up on the spinnaker halyard. By this time we had drifted down on the tide about 200m from the start and started last. There was no wind and it took us 20 mins to get back to the start but as the wind rose to the dizzy heights of 3 or 4 maybe even up to 6 knots we sailed through all but the front three boats, there were only 6 in our class and 5 in class 2. It was noticeable that we had better boat speed then other boats we have struggled to stay with in previous years. We were just ahead of John's Paramour, perhaps because they were too far inshore coming down to the river entrance and had difficulty retrieving their spinnaker and tacking out from the shore. The main issue was that we had time to think and all the maneuvers were slow and we were able to keep the boat moving. Just have to be able to do it when the wind blows and speed of execution of manoeuvers is critical.

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Best British Boat !
Congratualtions to Nick Jones and Team Lisa 1st place Class1 RORC Cervantes Trophy
Partial Inventory* supplied by Banks

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Ross Applebey’s Oyster 48,Scarlet Oyster crewed by the Guernsey Yacht Club was the winner of CSA Racing 5 with eight straight wins© Ted Martin/Photofantasyantigua

Ross Applebey’s Oyster 48, Scarlet Oyster crewed by the Guernsey Yacht Club was the winner of CSA Racing 5 with eight straight wins. Scarlet Oyster was also the Best British Yacht and the Best Race Charter Yacht at Antigua Sailing Week and won the inaugural Royal Southern Yacht Club Inter-Yacht Club Challenge.

“Ten years ago, Tim Thubron and I were on a yacht that had the best score of any yacht, but we were told the Lord Nelson Trophy went to the big boat class. So we are naturally disappointed but very happy for Jonty and his crew for their success. Scarlet Oyster was in a very competitive class and all you can do is aim to win your class and we have done that with a perfect score, even though we won two races by just a couple of seconds – we couldn’t have done any better,” commented Applebey.

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Thanks Daryl - you picked our small screecher up from Cornwall on Monday after measuring the boat for a new larger one and you delivered the sail back on Friday as you said. That is what we like about Banks - they have always delivered to the timescale promised which seems to be sadly very very rare in the "yacht industry" Bruce Sutherland on our facebook page

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Weston Sailing Club Winners
All of the winners from the Banks Sails sponsored Easter weekend event at Weston Sailing Club. There were 67 entrants in total. The overall winner was a Weston member (Matt Humphreys and Becky Amiss) from the Fast Handicap fleet sailing an RS800.

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2.4M Essen Ruhr City Cup – Steve Bullmore GBR 148 1st place – 27th – 29th March 2015

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1st Place
Scarlet Oyster St Maarten Heineken Regatta 2015 using a full Banks Sails inventory.

Scarlet oyster - the winning team
The Winning team using a full Banks Sails Inventory

1st Place
Scarlet Oyster Caribbean 600 - 2015 - Full Banks Inventory.

Merlin Rocket sails supplied


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