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470 Dinghy: One Design Data Sheet

The Banks team who have been involved in the development of our 470 sails enjoy unrivalled experience of the class and have won major 470 events all over the world. Our experience in the 470, and of its rig in particular, is the result of this development.

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Choose from two designs. Cut from 3.8 Polykote the HM for the Proctor Ellipson/Superspar M2 or the FLEX design for Needlespar or Superspar M7. Both are very fast when set up correctly.

The Banks 470 Tuning Guide accompanies all new sails leaving the loft to help you take the guesswork out of your rig setting.




Light Jib


Our HM6 design is internationally proven and has been used to win 470 events at all levels. The design provides the power that the 470 needs, whilst it is cut to suit the 470 rig exactly. Cut from Contender Polykote - HM6 type design.



470 dinghy





Our E type design is of medium full spherical construction and is well proven in 470 circles. It offers an excellent all weather performance. Close reaching is a strong point but even so it retains a large projected area when working downwind.

It is also one of the easiest spinnakers to use and still get top performance in any level of competition. Cut from Contender Superkote - E type design.



Class royalty per sail



UK delivery rolled in protective tube



Banks covers protect your boat from the elements


470 Dinghy Class

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