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Albacore Dinghy: One Design Data Sheet

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Cut from 4.52 Contender Polykote or 5.52 Contender Polypreg. Complete with clew slider, soft foot, leech tell tales, battens, cunningham, insignia, sail numbers and long sailbag.

Great performance with very smooth sections. The upper leech offers an excellent gust response and the soft foot allows rapid adjustment to the camber in the lower third of the sail




Light Jib


Cut from 4.52 Contender Polykote. Complete with luff tell tales, hot cut leech, stainless luff wire, Polymex window and long jib bag.

A powerful design producing acceleration with a high pointing potential. A very user friendly design bringing speed without constant attention from the helmsman leaving more time to concentrate on the important aspects of the race.




UK delivery rolled in protective tube



Banks covers protect your boat from the elements

Albacore Outline Drawing

Canadian Albacore Association
Picture courtesy Canadian Albacore Association

United States Albacore Association
Coutesy United Sates Albacore Association

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