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Flying Dutchman Dinghy: One Design Data Sheet

Banks Sails are one of the most active sailmakers in the world in the Flying Dutchman Class and are found amongst the most competitive boats in the UK, Germany, Holland and the USA.

Banks sails were used on the winning boats at virtually every Flying Dutchman event in the U.K. in recent years and are gaining success in the highly competitive German and Dutch markets, following excellent results in many of the class’s most prestigious events and championships.

In early 2004, two boats using Banks sails finished in the top ten at the World Championship and scored race wins in both the Worlds and Australian Championship. Banks sails were also used to take fourth place at the European Championship.

We offer a full range of Flying Dutchman sails, race tested to give competitive performance at any level.

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Cut from 4.52 Polykote. Standard specification includes soft foot, clew slider, cunningham, flutter patches, battens, leech tell tales, window at spreader height, leech line, leech cunningham for use with extreme rake, insignia, sail numbers and long sailbag.

HM2 Type
Can be matched to the current popular Flying Dutchman mast sections with mast bend control with lower shrouds being essential. This is a powerful sail which responds to adjustment to cover the full range of racing conditions.




Vision window as extra






Radial clew design cut from Contender Dynalite. Full colour choice. Complete with chute patch, sail numbers and sailbag.

This is now a well established all purpose spinnaker design, developed for the latest rule and 2.5 metre pole.

The panel layout of cross-cut top with radial clews gives a versatile sail shape for all round performance, with the minimum distortion of the lower part of the sail on windy reaching legs.

More specialist fully crosscut and triradial spinnaker designs are also available. Contact us for more details.






Two genoas can be measured in for major events, although some sailors will prefer to use the same design throughout the wind range. The second sail will, however, add punch to the boats performance in its particular conditions.

Standard specification includes stainless luff wire, luff tell tales, hot cut leech, windows, four clew positions and long sailbag.

LM '96 Type
A light/medium wind genoa cut from 3.8 Polykote Ripstop. This design has been developed in conjunction with some of Germany's top sailors who have to be very competitive in the lower wind range. It can also be used up the wind range to overlap well with our other genoa designs. If you want to use just one genoa, this is the one!

A heavier version of this sail is also available and makes a versatile "Medium" genoa.

MH '98 Type
A specialist heavy weather genoa, cut from 4.52 Polykote. This sail is very easy to use in strong winds and difficult water conditions and has a straight exit to minimise drag and heeling. This design really proved its speed at the recent World Championships.




Extra for class royalty label (per sail)



UK delivery rolled in protective tube



Banks covers protect your boat from the elements


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