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Finn Dinghy: One Design Data Sheet

Eric Wilson, maker of the world's most successful Finn sails, has now joined the Banks Sails group. In 1996 Eric's customers won Gold and Silver Olympic medals in addition to the prestigious Finn Gold Cup. These sails are now available through Banks Sails in the UK at a competitive price. The sails are made at Eric's Banks Sails Wisconsin loft, cut to match the customer's mast, be it carbon or aluminium, from materials selected and tested by Eric.

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Cut from Contender 3.8 PolyPreg complete with elastic luff & foot, battens, tell tales, cunningham block, clew slider, window, insignia, sail numbers and sailbag.





Extra for class royalty label (per sail)



UK delivery rolled in protective tube



Banks covers protect your boat from the elements

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Martin Hughes sailing Classic Finn K32 Wins 1st place becoming 2014 Classic Finn Champion

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