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Loch Long Dinghy: One Design Data Sheet

We continue to offer our successful sail designs including the now standard "high aspect" jib. Always popular in Scotland, Banks Loch Long sails are now getting good results in the strong Aldeburgh fleet.

For the top racing performance we recommend the stability of the latest Contender Polykote fabrics. For those who prefer a softer, more easily folded sail we also offer Contender's Polypreg finish.

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Cut from 5.52 Contender Polykote or Polypreg. Complete with leech tell tales, battens, soft foot, leech line, cunningham, luff and foot slides to suit your spars, insignia, sail numbers, camber stripe and long sailbag or valise bag for those preferring to fold (please specify).




High Aspect Jib



Cut from 5.52 Contender Polykote. Complete with stainless steel luff wire, luff tell tales, battens, piston hanks or luff poppers, camber stripes and long sailbag.






Cut from Contender Superkote 5. Great performance with a long competitive life thanks to the tri-radial panel configuration which handles the high loads imposed by the relatively heavy hull extremely well.





Per window in Polymex



UK delivery rolled in protective tube



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