Soling Dinghy: One Design Data Sheet

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Soling Dinghy: One Design Data Sheet

The Soling Class is no longer an Olympic Class, so some sailmakers may lose interest in it. However, at National level, Banks Sails have been quietly developing a range of very competitive Soling sails.

We have added new Mainsail and Jib designs to our well known spinnakers to be able to offer Banks’ customers excellent performance, quality and value, using fabrics selected from the World’s top manufacturers.

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Standard specification includes battens, leech tell tales, leech line, vision and spreader windows, insignia, sail numbers and long sailbag.

Our latest design incorporates a very stable radial clew construction in Contender Polykote fabrics. This enables the body of the sail to be flexible and light and respond to you sail controls whilst the lower part of the sail remains stable in shape.






Standard specification includes luff tell tales, leech battens, leech line, clew board, window and long sail bag.

We offer Light/Medium and Medium Heavy jib designs which overlap in their ideal wind ranges to cover all conditions.





Standard specification includes colour coded leeches, sail number and sailbag.

Our large spinnaker design is a development of the large running radial design used as one of three spinnakers. Its centre seam cross-cut layout projects a very large area without the extra weight of a tri-radial.



UK delivery rolled in protective tube



Soling Dinghy outline

Soling Dinghy


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