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Wayfarer Sport Dinghy: One Design Data Sheet

Banks Wayfarer sails are amongst the most popular and successful in the class, giving our customers the performance and quality that they need for any level of Wayfarer racing.
We are continuing to work on our Wayfarer designs so that we can offer our customers the most competitive range of sails. With the New rules coming into effect from April 2011 we have revised our designs to suit. Call the loft to discuss your requirements.

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Mainsail - 2014 - RC



Cut from 4.46 Polykote or Dimension Polyant 180 HTP+. Complete with leech tel-tales, battens, clew slider, soft foot, Cunningham, Insignia, Window in foot, sail numbers and long sailbag




Optional extras include a Polymex vision window at spreader height.


For 2014 our new design features a radial clew and head with narrow XC mid panels making for a low stretch and very smooth and fair sectioned sail, cut from a balanced Dacron ideally suited for this application.

Genoa – 2014 - RC


Cut from 4.46 Contender Polykote or Dimension Polyant 180 HTP+. Complete with hot cut leech, luff tel-tales, Polymex window, stainless luff wire, adjustable luff Cunningham, and long genoa bag.



Another excellent “all round” design which is easy to use over a wide range of conditions features include a radial clew section for smoother camber transitions and greater ability to maintain its flying shape through the wind range. Which combines perfectly with our mainsail, this sail has a powerful section with fine entry for height and speed off the start line.


Spinnaker– 2012-13


Our Full-Radial Design built to the new sizes is an excellent all round racing spinnaker in DynaKote 75 is accepted as one of the best. An excellent performing sail designed for all conditions.



Last updated: 9.10.18


At Banks we are a UK Fully accredited RYA IHC measurer for the Wayfarer class, cost for this per sail.



UK delivery rolled in protective tube



A Full colour choice is available with no limits on colour choice or combination. The Banks Wayfarer spinnaker also come complete with colour-coded leeches, a retrieval chute patch (essential for the new Mk1V) and of course the sailbag.

Banks covers protect your boat from the elements



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