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Banks Sails offers an exhaustive range of racing sails designed to your exact specifications.


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Banks Sails have employed the 'drip down' method of developing cruising sails; without relying on our name alone, we strive to develop the best. Most of our development is at the Grand Prix end of racing sails. This includes long-distance racing such as the Whitbread (Volvo) Round the World Race, the BOC Around Alone, the Vendee Globe etc. In these races the sails must last for extended periods in every kind of condition the elements can muster. It is here that we develop construction methods, anti-chafe measures and test the latest laminate and woven materials available. The result of this is to the benefit of our cruising clients, who can enjoy the fruits of these tests in the comforts of their own yachts.

Every sailor will find what he or she wants from our range of cruising sails. All our sails are built to order, so every client's needs are taken care of. Banks Sails has a two-year warranty against faulty workmanship and materials. For further details contact Daryl Morgan using the contact form on this site.

Banks have three levels of cruising sails:

Offshore Cruising
This level is for the Northern European coastal sailor where the sails should be inexpensive, trustworthy, well made and should last for decades when regularly valeted. The cloths are all woven Dacrons with a UV inhibitor; metalwork is either anodised aluminium or stainless steel.

Blue Water Cruising
For those that want to extend their voyages to intercontinental levels where degradation by the elements is fierce, even when the boat is moored up. We use an even higher grade of material, usually one weight up, with extra attention to chafe areas; the leeches are double taped; larger corner rings are used and leathered; UV protective strips are in Acrylic rather than Dacron with SeamKote seam protection as an option.

Performance Cruising
This is for the yachtsman who is more interested in getting there quickly and utilises all our skill as Grand Prix sailmakers combined with our experience in long-distance races. We use the latest laminates in either polyester or Spectra; the sails are all designed to Checkmate panel layouts (full radial), but incorporate all of the Blue Water attributes with the life of normal cruising sails.

For our Superyacht clients, we use a base starting point of Performance Cruising and build on it, tailoring to the exact needs as required.

Banks Sails offers an exhaustive range of racing sails designed to your exact specifications.

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