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Banks Sails offers an exhaustive range of racing sails designed to your exact specifications.


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Banks Sails manufacture in the UK Ellipson Sails, affordable quality spinnakers.

Spinnaker sailing is for everybody. It's fast and it's easy. And now affordable. You save 35% or even more by choosing from our range of standardized sail sizes.

Our spinnakers are standardized and ready to hoist. They come in 20 carefully calculated sizes to fit most sailboats of 24 to 64 feet in length.

The different between a standardized sail size and a customer fit can be up to 5%. But usually it's much less.

To an ambitious racer these few percent can make all the difference in the world and a few places in the final ranking. If this is your priority, then we suggest that you choose one of our custom fitted sails.If not, you can now benefit from a design and quality previously reserved for top class racers: a full radial design, oversized radial corner reinforcements and top quality materials are just some of the features that stand out.

Price is another. By standardized colours and sizes we are able to offer these sails at least 35% below the price of a custom fitted sail. Without compromising on quality (Colours subject to availability).

Quite the contrary. The quality of our sails is matched by only a handful of sailmakers.

Design and Construction

Don't be mistaken. Our spinnakers are cruising sails of the highest quality. The cost savings that we pass on to you are due to size and colour standardization, not from any compromise in quality. Regardless of whether you choose a custom-built sail of one of our standardized sizes, the same high levels of design and quality apply. Here are some of the design details we are proud of:

Full radial design
The full radial panel layout is recognized by racers and sailmakers alike as vastly superior to other spinnaker designs. While under load, this layout offers more stability and less distortion to the shape of the sail than any other panel layout. This design was originally developed for racing, but has now been accepted as the standard for the highest quality cruising sails as well.

Oversized radial corner patches
The dynamic loading from the entire sail tends to be concentrated in the sail's three corners. The corner "patches" ensure that these loads are properly distributed over a larger area, preventing undue distortion of the sail's shape. Our corner reinforcements are of the same radial construction as the sail itself. They are curved so that they extend furthest in the directions of the greatest loads. But most importantly, they are sufficiently large to handle even heavy loads.

All Ellipson spinnakers are supplied with a spinnaker launch bag. This high-quality bag has webbing straps to keep the sail's corners in place and colour coding for easy identification of each corner and a quick hoist.

Top quality sailcloth
We use only the best materials.

Symmetric and Asymmetric Spinnakers
Standardised Sail Sizes

Our spinnakers come in 20 standardised sizes. Their colours are predefined and the sails ready to hoist. This allows us to offer them at very favourable prices. You save 35% or even more, without compromising on quality. And with 20 carefully calculated sizes to choose from, your new sail will be very close to a custom fit.

Ellipson Spinnaker SY
A modern symmetric spinnaker with maximum projected area, and a medium depth of camber that is appropriate for a combination of running and broad reaching angles. This sail's cross section shape is elliptical, which makes it stable, and easy to trim. This sails requires a spinnaker pole. Full radial panel layout. Designed for apparent wind angles of 115 - 180 degrees.
20 sizes from 45 to 288 sq m
(485 to 3100 sq. ft)

Ellipson Aspin AR
A modern All-Round asymmetric spinnaker with a full radial panel layout. This sails has a medium-full shape that is appropriate for a combination of running and broad reaching angles. The design uses a cross section shape that has a softly-rounded entry, that straightens and flattens towards the leech. This is a forgiving shape that is easy to trim, and which minimises the boat's heeling angle when reaching. This is a very versatile sail, perfect for anyone wishing to make do with only one spinnaker on board. This sail is designed for apparent wind angles of 80 - 155 degrees.
20 sizes from 34 to 255 sq m
(366 to 2745 sq ft)

Ellipson Aspin FL
A slightly flatter asymmetric spinnaker, designed for tighter reaching angles. The cross section shape has a flatter entry angle, and is generally flatter and more open in the leech. This allows use in stronger breezes, and on sharper reaching angles, without resulting in excessive heeling. The roach on both luff and leech is smaller than the Aspin AR, and the total sail area is therefore reduced. This sail is well suited as a supplement for those already carrying a symmetric spinnaker, in that the two sails together will over the entire win spectrum. This sail is designed for apparent wind angles of 65 - 140 degrees.
20 sizes from 34 to 250 sq m
(366 to 2690 sq ft)

Prices and measurements
20 sizes from 34 to 25 sq m (366 to 2745 sq ft)

Our spinnakers will fit most sailboats from 24 to 64 feet in length. Probably yours, too. If you want to investigate, we will be happy to help. We are very likely to have your rig measurements among the 6000 sailboats in our database. We will find the right sail size for you in just a few seconds.


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