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Banks Sails offers an exhaustive range of racing sails designed to your exact specifications.


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Banks Sails
J80 – 2012 World Champions
NilFisk – Racing with A Full Banks Sails Quiver wins the 2012 World Championships.

Banks Sails are continually developing fast shapes for all types of Racing Boats. We have our own bespoke design software developed by us for our clients. These programmes are continually evaluated and updated on an empirical basis. Banks Sails is one of the only Sailmakers in the World to use its own software, this means that with a Banks Racing sail you are not just 'one of the crowd'.

The Checkmate range of fore and aft sails and Series 2000 spinnakers are Banks Sails' answer to the deluge of 'Threadline' sails. We strive along with the mainstream cloth manufacturers to develop sails that will last more than a few Regattas. It must be remembered that the direction of the loads in a sail vary tremendously when the sheeting angle, halyard tension and wind strength change. This means that a sail with threadlines designed for one set of conditions will not cope well with the variations.

This is where standard laminate cloths come into their own. They are built with off-line threads to deal with this scenario. Checkmate sails are built with the smallest gores in the industry ensuring that, along with the off-line threads, all loads are catered for. After all, it is the shape retention as well as the basic shape that counts.

The quality and performance of laminates is being enhanced on a monthly basis. New materials are being used and stronger, lighter cloths are being developed. Banks Sails are right behind the cloth manufacturers, backing them in their quest for better materials.

L'Irascible Banks Sails
L'Irascible, X-35 World Champion 2008, Full Banks Sails Inventory

Banks Sails offers an exhaustive range of racing sails designed to your exact specifications.

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The new Main and Jib have been fantastic sails.
Tim Gabriel, Moontiger III, J105

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